I have created advertising in some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world on some of the world’s biggest brands. 

McCann & Grey London, Leo Burnett Hong Kong, McCann San Francisco, Ogilvy Moscow and G2 Moscow. 


The clients I’ve been fortunate enough to work with have included Coca-Cola, Microsoft, American Airlines, Ford, Mars, Sony, Nescafe, and BAT. 

During my time in the industry I have won most major advertising awards in England and Europe as well as Asia, America, Australia and Russia. 


For the majority of my career I worked ATL but in the digital age I’m taking a more integrated approach to building brands. 


Recently, I have been creating effective communication solutions for JTI’s global brands, in the face of increasingly restrictive cigarette legislation, and formulating media neutral ideas and concepts that can work across all media for the Automobile Association. 


This summer I relocated back to Manchester where my career began.